Five Ways to Avoid Putting on Weight During Christmas and New Year

Five Ways to Avoid Putting on Weight During Christmas and New Year

You’ve put in lots of hard work to lose weight and it is now approaching that time of year again when we like to over indulge in food and drink.This can lead to many of us putting on weight in a very short amount of time and ruining much of the weight loss goals we worked so hard to achieve during the past few months.

So to help you out over the festive period, here are our top 5 ways to help you avoid putting on weight this Christmas, while still being able to have a great time with your friends and family.

  1. Don’t drink alcohol and instead become the driver.

Over Christmas most people like to have a drink or two. Drinking and driving don’t mix, so let others have a drink and become the designated driver. By doing this you can avoid those alcoholic drinks which have a high number of calories in them, leaving you to stick with water or diet drinks, plus your family and friends will be grateful as they can drink themselves.

  1. Tell people that you are on a diet.

By telling everyone that you are on a diet or just “watching your weight”, they will be less likely to buy you food as a gift. If they are the ones cooking a meal for you, it may be that they decide to use healthier alternatives for ingredients, if they know that you are dieting. Alternatively, you could offer to become the chef over Christmas and that way you will know which ingredients have gone into the food and can as a bonus calorie count more accurately.

  1. Eat slower.

Eating your food at a slower rate gives time for the signals to go from your stomach to your brain and make you feel fuller quicker. You are less likely to have an extra mince pie if you slow down the rate at which you eat. This also allows others to eat the food before you get to it.

Five Ways to Avoid Putting on Weight During Christmas and New Year

  1. Get rid of left over food or store it away for later.

If you have left over food from your Christmas dinner, either get rid of it or store it in the freezer for eating at a later date. Don’t leave it around to eat from, where you are more likely to keep coming back to pick another few bits off the turkey. The quicker you can stop eating the Christmas food and back to your regular diet the better.

  1. Become more talkative.

At Christmas dinner, try being as talkative as possible this Christmas, because if you’re talking then that means you’re not eating. So become the life of the party and have a talkative personality this Christmas.

By making it through this period with as little weight gain as possible while still having a great time will make you feel great when the new year comes in January. We hope that these 5 quick and easy ideas will help you to continue reaching your weight loss goals this Christmas and New Year.

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